The Beauty of a Yacht Charter

Part 1 in an ongoing series.

by Nicole Haboush – Luxury Yacht Charter Broker – United Yacht Sales

Have you ever felt a party plan you arranged worked out perfectly? The location you picked was a fit and the guests you invited all mixed well, while the food and drinks were prepared as if they were created to each person’s palate’s taste.

Let’s take that to an even larger scale; you take a plane trip to a resort with a group of friends for a long weekend and when you return you feel like family after the experiences and bonding you’ve shared.

Now combine these two wonderful ideas together and you have what I have enjoyed planning for clients for over 20 years now. This is what I like to call … ‘The Beauty of a Yacht Charter’!

A yacht charter is that delectable main course dish that you can thoroughly indulge in after blending all the right ingredients into it. I design your recipe for that perfect vacation, just right for you, whether it be a day trip on a 50 foot boat in Miami or a several month vacation on a 175′ mega yacht in the South of France. ‘The Beauty of a Yacht Charter’, is that we create it together from scratch!

First ingredients are very important, and they are for you to choose your location anywhere in the world, the dates you’d like to go and then your favorite friendly guests. At this point, allow me to give you some choices of yachts, which you can research further by browsing through the yacht brochure photos or videos and reading up on the crew and yacht charter testimonies, enabling you to choose the prime one for the recipes main ingredient! And ‘The Beauty of a Yacht Charter’ has just begun.

(This article was written by Nicole Haboush – United Yacht Sales’ Charter Director and 20 year plus industry veteran and professional yacht salesperson- and will be a series on ‘The Beauty of a Yacht Charter’, so check back each week for the next piece!)

All My Best,

NICOLE HABOUSH – Luxury Yacht Charter Broker